Get started with our WiFi Beacons,

engage your customers with

Real time content

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Get started with our WiFi Beacons,

engage your customers with

Real Time Content

pre order

Craft game changing mobile marketing

campaigns using our

Smart WiFi Solution

Citizen centric engagement,

for cities

Made Possible Through Beacons

Who We Are

bfonics is a digital content delivery platform that utilizes real time messaging as a tool to empower businesses to create powerful advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Our platform uses Beacon technology, web and mobile application to seamlessly integrate the digital and physical world.

bfonics is a one stop solution for all our client needs and for those who would like to create and manage proximity marketing campaigns and gather valuable customer data and analytics.

Our patent pending technologies include WiFi beacons and Smart WiFi solutions that cater to large and small businesses alike.

We work with retailers, museums, stadiums, cities, events, airports, other industry leaders and third- party advertisement agencies to engage their customers in real-time by sending notifications, deals and much more relevant content.

Our Vision is to enable clients to effectively engage with their customers and consequently create a meaningful, interactive and hassle-free experience for them.

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